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We at Rocket Income have a long history of providing expert tax preparation services to the Wilmington and surrounding communities. Our expertise have also allowed us to expand into the following:


Tax Preparation Services

Did you know that just one tiny mistake on your tax return can cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours? Just filing your taxes one day late can be disastrous. In fact, nearly 20% of taxpayers do not even file their taxes on time according to Balance Everything. We at Rocket Income Tax are dedicated to helping you file correctly and on time – or properly file for an extension. The Rocket Income Tax team specializes in tax preparation for:

  • Individuals, married couples and families.

  • Seniors and retirees.

  • Small businesses.

  • Mid-sized businesses.

  • Single and Groups of Professionals who file as a business and individual.

Bookkeeping Services

Running a business involves everything from keeping the lights on to payroll to inventory to pricing – and much more. Do you have time to monitor all your income AND expenses on a regular basis?

We at Rocket Income Tax are experts in bookkeeping for small to mid-sized business. Our team ensures you have accurate, up to the minute data that is allows you to see your business at a glance and make informed decisions. In addition, our services allow you to be ready for tax time at both the state and federal level.


Accounting Services

Expand on our bookkeeping services by adding on accounting. We offer transparent prices with flat fees on our services, so you are never surprised. Accounting services include items such as:

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Payroll and contractor pay

  • Bank and account reconciliation

  • Business and individual tax preparation

Contact us to find out more and get a free, no-obligation quote.

Immigration Services

We offer:

  • Application for Citizenship.

  • Applications for Green Cards.

  • Green Card and Work Permit Renewals.

  • Asylum, U-Visas, and Permit Renewals

  • Free Consultation

We offer low cost services, are fast and friendly, and can see you at your convenience.


Credit Repair

Did you know bad credit can affect your score with agencies like the Better Business Bureau, Experian, and similar? Whether personal or business, bad credit can keep you from purchasing the things you need to make the money to get out of debt. Additionally, you most likely will not get the most favorable interest rates – which will cost you even more.

At Rocket Income Tax, we have seen it all and do not judge. Let us help show you how to best negotiate your debts, cancel others where possible, and pay them off quickly with the best interest rates in order for you to move ahead and play in the same arena as your competitors.


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